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I’m in a fury of work as the trees are in blossom and I wanted to do a Provence orchard of tremendous gaiety.
I’ve just done a clump of apricot trees in a little fresh green orchard.
I remain enraptured with the scenery here, am working at a series of blooming orchards.
I’m well these days, apart from a certain vague background sadness that’s hard to define — but anyway — I’ve gained physical powers rather than lose them, and I’m working. Just now I have on the easel an orchard of peach trees beside a road with the Alpilles in the background.
I’d worked on a no. 20 canvas in the open air in an orchard — ploughed lilac field, a reed fence — two pink peach trees against a glorious blue and white sky. Probably the best landscape I’ve done.
I expect to start work again soon. The charwoman and my friend Roulin had taken care of the house, put everything in good order. When I come out I’ll be able to continue on my way here again, and soon the fine days will come and I’ll start on the orchards in blossom again.