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I have two models this week, an Arlésienne and the old peasant, whom I’m doing this time against a bright orange background, which, although it doesn’t pretend to represent a red sunset in trompe l’oeil, is perhaps a suggestion of it, all the same.1 Unfortunately, I fear that the little Arlésienne will stand me up for the rest of the painting. The last time she came she had innocently asked for the money in advance that I’d promised her for all the sittings, and as I made no difficulty about that she scarpered without my seeing her again. Anyway, one of these days she owes it to me to come back, and it would be a bit rich if she didn’t turn up at all.
I’ve had a week of concentrated hard work in the wheatfields right out in the sun, the result was some studies of wheatfields, landscapes and a sketch of a sower. In a ploughed field, a large field of clods of purple earth rising towards the horizon a sower in blue and white. On the horizon a field of short, ripe wheat.  Above all that a yellow sky with a yellow sun. You can sense from the mere nomenclature of the tonalities that color plays a very important role in this composition.
Private collection, Switzerland